Sunday, July 18, 2010

Short Sell and Our Semi Remodeled Home

I'm back in action! I'm feeling so much better today so I caught up on housework. I'm tellin ya, it feels great to have a clean house when you been looking at a dirty one for the past few days. 

Doug and I are in the process of selling our condo by short sell. We have a lovely 80/20, interest only, balloon mortgage.  Are only option right now is to sell it, Lord willing. We have done numerous things to our home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Our condo used to look VERY 70's so we have worked hard to make it look better. 

The most recent thing we have done is ordered the rest of the blinds we need for the other rooms. Our bedroom has new blinds, but the girls room and the dining room does not. We used This has been a very slow process because we do not use credit cards and pay cash for everything. (This is something we learned in our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace 13 week course)

Here are the blinds we ordered: 

Below are some pictures of some changes we have made.

New flooring in hallway:

New trim throughout home:

Newly remodeled bathroom:

New lighting:

Painted all doors white:

New stone on fireplace:

Painted cupboards and added hardware: 

We also replaced all doorknobs, light switches, and repainted entire home inside. It may not look like much, but you should of saw it before. Yuck!



  1. That is a lot actually! We are in the process of updating some of the cheesy things in our home. We have the same baseboard molding, and I love it!

  2. Sweet Teresa! :) It's nice to have things updated.

  3. So far so good! The whole look of the place becomes better as improvements are being done. From the floor, down to the bathroom, the simplicity of the design makes it homey.