Friday, July 30, 2010

Forever and a Day to Go Somewhere

Seriously, why does it take forever to get out of the house when you have children? Yesterday was quite the experience trying to get my girls outside the house to go on a walk with my sister (couldn't imagine getting out of the house with 3 or 4 kids!) Both girls were fussy, our house was hot, and getting them ready was taking forever.

Ellie is obsessed with the toilet. Every chance she gets she wants to play in the toilet and put objects in it. So before we were just about to leave, she put this in the toilet.

Of course this was her only clean sippy cup and we needed to bring it with us to the park. Ellie cracks me up!

We finally made it to the park with my beautiful, pregnant sister.

Here is my awesome double stroller by Graco. We got it on craigslist and it's in awesome shape.

Ellie had fun on the swings and screamed with glee. :)

When trying to get the girls out of the house I think it isn't worth it because it's too much work, but once I get them out, it's totally worth it!!!

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