Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby Room

I have been working on the baby room here and there. It's coming together! I still want to make a crib bed skirt, new curtains, new pillows, and some other decor. I thought I would post some of my progress. I got a lot of the pictures from Ikea. The heart light is also from Ikea.

 This was our guest room, but now it will be baby room and then when people visit, they can still have a bed to sleep in.

 Since we don't know if we are getting a boy or girl, I got some unisex onesies at a consignment shop. I also put some of my girls clothes up too.

 I been buying baby supplies slowly each paycheck.

 Ignore the printer. :)

It's coming together.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday

My sweet Annabelle is 3! I can't believe it! It was such a good day. We all had such a good time. Bare with me guys, I had to take pictures with my iphone because I could not find my camera. 

I made chocolate covered strawberries! Yummmm!

This gluten free cake was so good! The strawberries got a little runny because I put the cake in the fridge for awhile before the party. It was the first two layer cake I ever made. I got the recipe from a really awesome blog. Here is the link: Inspire RD I didn't use the frosting recipe because the double broiler thing was a little too advanced for me. :) I used a basic buttercream frosting. 

Tiffany, Cami, and Aurora

 Annabelle talking to our dear friend, Lori. Her and her husband, Aaron, are in foster care training with us. They are such amazing people!

Coloring away!

I love this little girl. Amie always calls me "Dess!"

Kyle wanted to wear Annabelle's crown.

Lex and Byron (above)

Mark, Aaron, and Lori (above)

Singing Happy Birthday to Annabelle. Annabelle sang along! 

Present time!

So many awesome presents!

A sweet friend got Annabelle a "I'm a Big Sister" book for when God decides we can adopt a child out of the foster system. A little note was written in the book that said, "You will be a big sister to many foster babies," and yup, I cried. 

Annabelle, Gianna, Olivia, and Byron

Ellie and Jailee

Jailee, Amie, and Annabelle

Amie, Jailee, Hailey, Hailee, Ellie, Annabelle, and Aiden

God has truly blessed us with wonderful friends. Happy Birthday, sweet Annabelle. I know there was a time mommy and daddy (and doctors too) were very worried about your health and we are so thankful you are healthy and thriving! God is so faithful.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Tutu

I'm so excited for Annabelle's 3rd birthday party this Sunday. I had to make both the girls tutus. I'm not going to do a tutorial because I copied pinterest. It was super easy and super cheap. I think I spent $6 on tulle and $1 on elastic. I used ribbon I had in my craft drawer.

I got these shirts at the thrift store and they match perfectly. My girls pretty much wear the same size and there actually was two of the same shirts at the thrift store! They were $2 a piece.

Pictures of the party to come!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello Kitty Birthday

Ellie's birthday party was a month ago, but since I decided to start blogging again I thought I would post all the party pictures.

I made the banner. It took way to long to make because I stenciled the letters and cut each out. 

 I made the Hello Kitty cake too.

 Used my favorite gluten-free chocolate cake mix for the cupcakes.

 I obviously made these. Let's be honest, they are a little ghetto, but I had a blast making them. I found a really yummy gluten-free shortbread cookie recipe online.

 Hello Pinata! 

 Love them!

 Set up my kids little table and two of my Ikea end tables to make one long table. Then, threw a $1 table cover over it. Only two chairs, but recently got some little kids chairs at Fry's for $2.50 a piece for Annabelle's birthday.

 Set up play dough and Hello Kitty coloring sheets I printed off the internet for the kids on their little table.

Playing in the play room!

 These treat bags were so fun to make! Pink for the girls and white for the boys.

 This girl (my daughter) had a new cupcake every time I saw her!

 The birthday girl. Of course, she wouldn't let me do her hair pretty for her birthday, but she at least wore the Hello Kitty skirt I got her!

 Aunt Andi having Grandma Shar and Grandpa Steve on Facetime!

 My bro, Colton (in the green), came to visit from Washington and we were blessed to have him here for the birthday party.

 Birthday presents were opened outside. It was beautiful out!

 These kids were so cute hitting the pinata!

Hello candy! 

I also did Hello Kitty temporary tattoos. The kids loved them. We served a mexican taco bar (I'm so gourmet.) It was such an awesome day. Our hearts were full at the end of the night. Happy Birthday Ellie!!