Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday

My sweet Annabelle is 3! I can't believe it! It was such a good day. We all had such a good time. Bare with me guys, I had to take pictures with my iphone because I could not find my camera. 

I made chocolate covered strawberries! Yummmm!

This gluten free cake was so good! The strawberries got a little runny because I put the cake in the fridge for awhile before the party. It was the first two layer cake I ever made. I got the recipe from a really awesome blog. Here is the link: Inspire RD I didn't use the frosting recipe because the double broiler thing was a little too advanced for me. :) I used a basic buttercream frosting. 

Tiffany, Cami, and Aurora

 Annabelle talking to our dear friend, Lori. Her and her husband, Aaron, are in foster care training with us. They are such amazing people!

Coloring away!

I love this little girl. Amie always calls me "Dess!"

Kyle wanted to wear Annabelle's crown.

Lex and Byron (above)

Mark, Aaron, and Lori (above)

Singing Happy Birthday to Annabelle. Annabelle sang along! 

Present time!

So many awesome presents!

A sweet friend got Annabelle a "I'm a Big Sister" book for when God decides we can adopt a child out of the foster system. A little note was written in the book that said, "You will be a big sister to many foster babies," and yup, I cried. 

Annabelle, Gianna, Olivia, and Byron

Ellie and Jailee

Jailee, Amie, and Annabelle

Amie, Jailee, Hailey, Hailee, Ellie, Annabelle, and Aiden

God has truly blessed us with wonderful friends. Happy Birthday, sweet Annabelle. I know there was a time mommy and daddy (and doctors too) were very worried about your health and we are so thankful you are healthy and thriving! God is so faithful.


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