Monday, May 6, 2013

Recent Sewing Projects

I made this apron for soon to be sister-in-law, McKenna. She is so perfect for my brother. :) 

 I made this blanket for my sweet nephew, Julien. It was super easy and Julien loves it. :) I love him. :)

The tag says, "Made with Love."

Baby Room Before and After

I have been working on the baby room lately. Made a duvet cover, curtains, and covered some pillows with fabric. Here's the before and after photos!


(I made the duvet cover from a two queen sheets. Used fabric from Hobby Lobby to cover the pillow.) 



Made the pom-poms from Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest! Ignore the printer on the dresser again! 

I made the valance by scratch. I wanted to make full curtains but wanted to keep it cheap.

Our application to the state should be submitted next week! We should be licensed in 2-4 weeks, depends on how fast the state approves us.