Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Housework or Play in the Sun?

When I woke up yesterday morning I could feel the heat start to rise in our condo. I knew it was going to be another hot day. I had a choice to make. Catch up on housework or play in the sun with my girls. I choose....

The Sun


Me with Anna

Ellie with Emily Hamblen

After playing in the sun, I put Anna on her stomach to do some tummy time. Poor thing was so exhausted from all the playing that she couldn't stay awake.

She immediately fell asleep when I put her on her tummy

So exhausted

Then later that night Anna started laughing for the first time.

It was an amazing day! 


  1. Excellent Choice! I did the same but with the puppies. They ran around chasing each other in the grass and were so exhausted they're still sleeping the next day at noon!

    You're an excellent mommy!

  2. I don't think she was tired, I think that amazing comfy looking carpet told her to get cozy and sleeeep! LOL

  3. Jess, the coolest part of Anna's laugh is you! You are so thrilled and happy and you are just giddy over your little girl! How awesome!