Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Weight: How I've Lost 12.4 Pounds

Saturdays are my days to weigh in at Weight Watchers. The past two weeks I haven't weighed in because I was having a hard time sticking to my points.

I'm happy to report I am back on track and lost .08 pounds this week. It's not much but considering I gained a couple of pounds last week, I really lost 3.6 pounds. That is a total weight loss of 12.4 pounds in 8 weeks. It's coming off slow but at least it's coming off.

Here's a break down of my weight loss over the past 8 weeks:

Week 1 - Lost 5 pounds
Week 2 - Lost 1.4 pounds
Week 3 - Lost 2.4 pounds
Week 4 - Lost 1 pound
Week 5 - Lost 1.8 pounds
Week 6 - Stayed the same
Week 7 - Gained 2.8 pounds
Week 8 - Lost 3.6 pounds

= Total Weight Loss 12.4 lbs

My body has changed so much since I have children, it's crazy! We will see how I do next Saturday.

Here are some things I been eating to help me feel full and satisfied:

Fruit - I never was a big fruit person, but since I have changed my eating habits my taste buds have changed. For a snack, I love having 1 cup of berries with 1/2 cup of yogurt or cottage cheese for 3 points.

Lean Meat - I used to never dress up sandwiches or burgers, but now I add lots of lettuce, tomatoes, and even some avocado.

Green Veggies - Again, I was never a big veggie person either, but now I learned to cook veggies with a little oil and seasoning and I love them.

Whole Grain Bread - I rarely eat white bread anymore.

Skinny Lattes - I LOVE coffee! My favorite drink is an Grande Iced Nonfat Caramel Macchiato for 4 points. This way I don't feel deprived at all.

Low Fat Desserts - I absolutely love Dreyer's Slow Churned Ice Cream. It's only 1-2 points per 1/2 cup.

Like I said, my taste buds have changed and I crave healthier food now. Don't get me wrong, I still have days when I crave a cupcake or something. Losing weight is super hard, but this blog is helping me become accountable. I'm really excited to see where I will be in the next few months. Hopefully in a smaller body! We'll see!

The Key is:


Eat Smarter, Eat less, Move More


  1. You are doing awesome. You are right on track. 1-2 lbs per week. That is how it is going to stay off. You will do it!!

  2. Do you know what I love MOST about you... I've known you at a couple of different weights now and now matter what you're still such a beautiful woman! Who you are on the inside is such a reflection on the outside! <3 Keep up the good work!