Saturday, July 17, 2010

Down and Out

It's such a beautiful day outside. I wish I could go out with my girls and play, but I'm down and out. Trying to recover from my little adventure yesterday. I been working on my postpartum story all day today. I'm really nervous to post it, but I think I will. Do you think I should share it to help others who have or had expereinced it?

I'm selling my stroller because I use a double now. Let me know if you are interested. Here's the link:

Peace out. Time to rest.


  1. Jessica, your story can only do good things. Even if someone doesn't experience it, it is helpful to understand what you went/ are going through for those who want to be there.

  2. Jessi, I am so sorry you are going through this suffering. Life seems to be full of suffering. I think God allows us suffering so that we learn to depend on Him more and more. I know in my own situation God is showing me that I can trust Him in all situations and through perservering He will make my faith stronger. Thank you for sharing and I will pray for your recovery. Wish I could help you in some way. What can I do?

  3. Pennygrew, who are ya? I don't recognize your screen name?

    I'm sorry, I wasn't really clear. I had postpartum depression with my first daughter and I wanted to post my story on here to give other moms hope. I am feeling a lot better and just resting today. I should be back in action soon. :) Thanks for your concern.

  4. Hey Jess Pennygrew is my mom(0:

  5. I'm very glad you decided to post your story about PPD. I had it very badly after having Kaia. I thought I was going crazy. I know I scared my poor wonderful husband half to death on many occasions. I read "Down Came the Rain" , a book writen by Brook Sheilds about her PPD, and felt so relieved. At the time none of my friends or family had had PPD like mine. Not that I would have talked to them anyway. The only person I could talk to was my awesome hubby and my wonderful OB doctor. In the end I know it was God and my husband amazing loved that saved me. The meds helped too. I'm happy you are better and able to enjoy your truly beautiful girls. And thank you so much for sharing your story.