Saturday, May 28, 2011

Biggest Loser - Bump in the Road

I have felt the best I have in years these past few weeks. Working out has been my new addiction, replacing my love for food. I have been working dang hard and for the first time in a long time, I was very proud of myself. 

Until I hit a

I started experiencing chest pain and shortness of breathe about a week after working out, which landed me in the ER. Don't worry, I highly doubt it's anything serious. I will have a stress test done on Wednesday to rule out any cardiac issues and when that comes back normal than my butt will be back in the gym. But until than, I can't work out.

Talk about discouragement! I been going 100 mph on the freeway and now I'm going 15 mph (not literally.) 

If it's not cardiac related, than why am I experiencing these scary symptoms? And trust me, I have been scared. It's gotta be lovely anxiety/panic attacks. Oh my goodness, did I just post on the world wide web that I am experiencing panic attacks? How dare I. Yes, I am and I promised to post about my weight loss journey and that is sharing all the ups and downs. I'm so thankful that with my experience with postpartum depression after my first daughter, I have so many amazing resources to fight this. With Jesus, I can overcome anything and I believe so much that Jesus wants me to complete this very hard weight loss journey. 

Down 13 pounds, almost 1% body fat, and loose fitting clothes in matter of only 18 days. I'm not stopping, you better believe it!

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