Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finding Hope in the Midst of Postpartum Depression

My mom called me this morning and asked me to turn on AM 630. I quickly turned it on and heard a woman talking about her experience with Postpartum Depression. Within minutes, I was in tears because I could relate to her so much. I had experienced Postpartum Depression (PPD) with my first daughter and am now fully recovered. I was surprised to find out that she is a pastor's wife and she has even written books before she experienced this horrible illness.

After she successfully recovered from PPD, she wrote a book called "Living Beyond Postpartum Depression." Click Here to Buy on

Information about the Author

Jerusha ClarkJerusha Clark is an author, a speaker and the founder of Be Transformedministries. Her books include Living Beyond Postpartum Depression, When I Get Married, and The Life You Crave. Jerusha's husband, Jeramy, is a pastor, and they are active in their church ministry. The couple resides in southern California and has two daughters.

You can also listen to her story online on Focus on the Family. Here is the link:
Finding Hope in the Midst of Postpartum Depression

Here is a link to my own story with PPD:
My Postpartum Nightmare

Please forward this to any mom you know who is struggling with depression. Thank you.

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