Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No More Excuses (My New Journey to Losing Weight)

Before I had kids and 45 pounds thinner than I am now.

If you could grade my weight loss through my life, I would get a big fat F. I have failed so many times at losing the weight and keeping it off. I was doing so well for awhile... going to Weight Watcher meetings, eating healthy, and writing down everything I ate. I was doing so well that I lost 15 pounds and man, did I work hard for those 15 pounds. So what when wrong? LIFE HAPPEN! What can I say... I eat when I'm stressed... or when I'm happy.. pretty much I love food! I kept saying to myself "no excuses" but after awhile the excuses got the best of me.
 I didn't know how to start up again because it had been two months since I had weighed in at WW. Then, the other day, I decided enough was enough, once again. I loaded up the two kiddos and drove to Redmond. Once I got there, I pulled out the huge double stroller that barely fits in my trunk and put each girl in her spot. I knew I gained weight so I was nervous.
When I entered the building, I stood behind the long check-in desk and waited in line. There was only one person ahead of me and the older WW leader behind the counter was helping her. The lady in front of me glanced over and saw me with my girls. "How far apart are your kids?" she asked.
"13 months apart." I replied.
"Wow. Mine are 17 months apart."
"Yeah, it's a lot of work."
"YES, I almost think it's harder than twins!" she said.
This comment made my day. I know twins are way harder but it's nice to hear that being a mommy of two kids close together is hard!
Then, the lady left and I approached the sweet little lady behind the counter.
"Hmmm, sooo, it's been awhile since I have weighed in...I know I have gained weight...I don't know why I got off track...It's been a tough few months," I nervously said.
"Oh it's okay. Let's weigh you today and start over with a new start weight." She said with a smile.
"Ohh, okay.. we'll you know I have lost a bunch of weight before, but then I had babies.. Oh, and we just moved... and we also are selling our condo.... and...."
"Okay, just step on the scale." She said interrupting me.
I guess she has heard all the excuses before and she stopped me from defending myself.
I stepped on the scale. A sticker printed out and it said I gained 12 pounds. I had lost a total of 15 pounds over the past 4 months and gained 12 pounds of it back. Yup, a big fat F, that's my grade.
On the way home, I was in deep thought as I always am in my car. "How do I know this is the time I am really going to lose the weight and keep it off?" I anxiously thought. Here's my answer. I honestly don't know. However, I do know that if I stop going to meetings and do not write what I eat down, I gain the weight back. Hmmm, so maybe there is my answer, I just need to always go to meetings and weigh in. Simple, right? So here's to my million and one times at losing weight. Wish me luck. No more excuses.


  1. You can do it Jess!
    Staying on track and being healthy is a huge struggle for me. It doesn't help that we have husband's who love us and want to spoil us and allow us to make excuses, huh?
    A new day, a new start ... you are going to do great!

  2. I love the way you write, Jess. And that lady makes me laugh, "Okay, just step on the scale." HA! cute. :)
    You can do anything you set your mind to, with the Lord's help. And what a beautiful picture of you...I think you are just as beautiful now...or more -- you have the 'mommy glow.' Love you.

  3. This got me all revved up! You go girl!