Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gained 10 Pounds

Plain and simple... life is hard sometimes. I know most can relate with that statement. These past few months have been incredibly difficult for our little family. The possibility of losing our home to foreclosure plagued me most nights. Not knowing if our condo would sell and all the money we put into to it to sell stressed me to the max. Then, add two little girls 13 months apart. Yeah, I pretty much been a stressful mess. So you guessed it... I gained pretty much all the weight I recently lost on weight watchers. Very disappointing, but I know I can get back on track. Planning on weighing in this weekend at WW. Fresh start.

When our realtor told us that it would be best if we moved out (which we wanted to anyway), we needed to find a home fast. Our home was on the market and people would be viewing it while we were packing. It wouldn't be very appealing to potential buyers if there were boxes everywhere. Therefore, we did a mad dash to get out as fast as we could. 

Our new home in Bothell wouldn't be ready until Oct 4 so we needed a place to stay for about 3 weeks. I couldn't possibly keep the condo clean enough to show for 3 weeks with two babies. Luckily, my amazing sister and brother-in-law opened their home to us. 

It was awesome seeing my sister and brother-in-law every day and we had a blast a lot of the time, but my girls could feel the change around them. They fought taking naps and sleeping through the night. If Ellie woke up in the middle of the night, then Annabelle would wake up. Some nights I was up 3 times to care for them. Then, I blew out my knee which is new for me, as I have never had knee issues before. This was so very difficult to care for my children when being in severe pain with my knee. I did get some help, but sometimes I was on my own. Then, both my girls got sick together. 

I barely saw Doug because he was getting home so late from commuting from Bellevue to Marysville. It was a long, long 3 weeks, but it paid off. 

We are now in our new home in Bothell and we LOVE it! It's the little things we are thankful for... like a double sink, an extra bathroom, a little yard for the kids to play in. God is always faithful, but I seem to forget that sometimes. My knee is better, the girls are finally getting better health wise and are sleeping better (still not 100%, but they are getting there), and we have a beautiful new home. I'm seeing Doug more. Both Doug and I are finally not stressed so much anymore. No more outrageous mortgage payment that financially drained us. Now we have a reasonable amount to pay for rent ($700 less than what we paid at our old condo!) and we can now get completely out of debt and budget realistically. 

This is what our new home looked like when we moved in. Boxes everywhere!

Now it's time to unpack and decorate! Hello HGTV! Pictures to come of our new home when we are all unpacked. :) 

Here are some pictures of our little yard.


  1. Love the yard Jess! I can't wait to see your place.!

  2. YAY! I can't wait to come see it!! I love you, Jess. :)