Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gaining Weight at The Rebo's

The Rebo's

For those of you who don't know, we are living at the Rebo's for 3 weeks. Our new home isn't ready until October 4th. Seriously, I can't wait to move into our new place. I, of course, love seeing my sister and Nick everyday, but it will be nice to finally be settled in our new home.

This is how their home looked when we moved in. Yikes!
In picture: Me to the left and Vanessa to the right.

I had this all put away the next day because, what can I say, I rock. Ha!

So back to why I am gaining weight at the Rebo's? Well...

#1 - Vanessa is pregnant and has cravings and it's hard not to enjoy the cravings with her. 

#2 - Since my parents are only 7 mins away, my dad has been bringing over donuts and cookies all most everyday!

#3 - Nick cooks like this!

In picture: Pork loin with apples, cider and cognac. Arugula with red onions and mustard vinaigrette. Rosemary buttermilk biscuits.

This is one the best dinners I have ever tasted. It was sooooo delicious!  We trade off cooking every other night and I don't hold a candle to making this type of food. 

So have I gained weight??? You better believe it! I gained a whopping 8 pounds! I know, terrible. I'm back on track though and dropped 3 pounds so far. Going to try and be strong and say no for the next couple of weeks. I noticed when I was eating food like that I started to feel lethargic and crappy. Been back on my diet since yesterday and I feel great!

Love you Nick, Ness, and Baby Rebo! Thanks for putting up with The Benson's!


  1. I think Nick needs to have us over for dinner so I can taste his cooking(0: It looks DELICIOUS!

  2. Wow, who would not gain weight eating delicious cooking. I feel for you Jess. I starved myself last week, lost 1 1/2 lbs. Eat two meals out this week and gained it all back. I know it is depressing. But you can do it and so can I. Love you

  3. Oh my goodness... I would so gain weight too! lol Looks delicious to me!