Monday, September 13, 2010

Catch Up - Condo For Sale!

It's been a long time since I have blogged because life has been crazy. So much has happened. Here's the list to catch you up:

1. Anna got her first toofer. :) It's super cute.

2. Ellie was seen at Children's GI and they were very helpful. Elle is doing much better with her booty issue.

3. We have moved out from our condo. We are living with my sister for 3 weeks until our new home is ready to move in. The Rebo's rock!

4. We have a new place to live that is amazing! I feel totally blessed by the Lord that he gave us this new home. I'll post pics when we move in on Oct. 4. 

5. Our condo is FINALLY on the market. Staging and cleaning your home to sell is a big pain in the butt. I'm so happy it's all ready and we are finally all moved out.  Click here to see it online!

6. My diet has gone to hell. I've been so incredibly stressed that I haven't gone to Weight Watchers in like 4 weeks. I'm planning to get back on track soon. Come on.. you have to admit when life is tough, a big piece of chocolate cake makes things so much better. ;) Not really.

7. Ellie said "Ba-Bye Dada" the other day. Love it!

8. I'm never moving again 


  1. Wow! Anna got her first tooth way before Olivia! She doesn't have one anywhere in sight! I want to have you over soon for coffee...when can you meet? Facebook me!

  2. I just wonder if the condo is still available.


  3. This is an old post but may I ask who you saw at children's GI?