Thursday, September 16, 2010

A funny thing called motherhood

My tears began to flow as I tightly held both children in each arm on the couch. They finally finished crying and now it was my turn.

Moments before, Ellie had decided to hit Annabelle in the head with a toy and Anna screamed so loud it scared me. I immediately sat Ellie down for time-out and that made her mad so she threw herself back and hit her head on the fireplace. I grabbed both sobbing children and comforted them on the couch.

Another moment of feeling over-whelmed and stressed. I usually can keep it together, but I couldn't today. I broke. So many stressful things happened today and this one topped it off.

Yes, I only have two kids, but being a mom is hard, period. I give so much effort in being the best mom I can but most days I don't know what I'm doing. That's when I pray...

"Lord, please give me strength. I need you today."

No matter how overwhelmed I feel, knowing God is on my side gives me comfort. 

And finally, the choas slows down and I can hear myself think again. My girls begin to play nicely and the tears have gone away. Finally, I feel calm and start to enjoy watching my beautiful girls play. And yet again, I think, "I can do this."

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