Monday, December 20, 2010

Where's The Remote?

No, I didn't see Ellie put it in there. And yes, I ran the dishwasher.

I already posted this picture on Facebook but I had to also put it on my blog. I had to share Ellie's creativity. 

I had such a wonderful day today with my girls and my amazing mom. We went to Baha Fresh and had lunch. My girls were so well behaved and I fed Anna baby food and Ellie ate some of a burrito. 
I gave the girls a little haircut the other day. They both have a little bob haircut with bangs. :)

After Baha Fresh, my mom treated us to Starbucks. I got a nonfat Eggnog Latte and Ellie got milk. Then, we walked to Target. 

I took a cart with Anna and my mom took a cart with Ellie. After an hour of shopping, this happened...

This definitely was a first and pretty darn cute if you ask me. This is one of those moments that makes all the diaper changing, the crying fits, and sleepless nights worth it. Love my sweet girls!

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