Friday, November 26, 2010

I Was Scared To Have Another Baby

I'm going to tell you a story about a woman who was scared to have another baby. You see, when she had her first baby, her life was flipped upside down. She struggled very seriously with depression and her baby made her cry almost every day.
Then, a very scary thing happened... she got pregnant again. This baby scared the heck out of her. Her days were filled with worry and anxiety and she had no hope some days.

Just look at this scary baby.

Then, this little baby in her stomach would move and kick many times a day. I know... terrifying!
Also, this baby would keep her up at night with horrible heartburn and carpal tunnel. Yes... even more terrifying!
This baby was so very scary. I mean... how scary is a little baby? So scary!
The depression faded with her first daughter and she was very happy again. However, the fear of the next baby did not go away.
Then, finally, her fate awaited her. She had this baby that caused her so much worry.

Then, instead of feeling fear that she expected to feel, she felt joy. She fell in love with that baby right there and then. You see, she wasted so many months of worrying and being fearful, when she could of felt joy from the very beginning. She forgot that her God was faithful and would not give her anything she couldn't handle. Her love for her children was so strong and she was so very happy to have two little girls.
So now her days are very busy, but she loves every moment of it, even the stressful parts. This mommy is so thankful for God's healing that she will now tell others of what God has done in her life.

I love you, my sweet little precious girl. I will be your mommy forever, my little Annabelle.

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